Following their aspiration to convert to OneNote in a service completely cross-platform, the Microsoft have released a couple of updates that allow us to use this tool in smartwatches with Android Wear, and they add functions for devices running iOS 8.

To use OneNote in a smart watch Android simply we must go to Google Play and install the version of OneNote corresponding. Once done that, You can add notes to just say “Take note” and then start to dictate. What you say will transcribe and is saved in the section “Notes without checking” of our Notepad.

On the front of iOS, We have that OneNote is updated for support new features of iOS 8, such as the extensibility in the tool”Share”. Just install the latest version of OneNote in devices with iOS 8, be allowed to send contents to Notepad from almost any application for iOS.

This will require only press the “Share” button and then the OneNote button, which is give us the option of sending the content immediately, or add additional notes and choose a section to which we want to have it sent.

These features will be available Wednesday morning together the arrival of iOS 8.