Paysafecard: Find the Via Smartwatch

The leading prepaid paysafecard has his app improved and now offers many new features, including for Smartwatches.

Many vendors are working on various mobile payment solutions, enabling the customer to pay in shops quickly and without cash. Really enforced yet has grown, especially since Apple pay can convince already in the United States, in Germany but has still not started. The prepaid provider paysafecard allows its users from now on via scan2pay to pay. To confirm payment in the business, after scanning the QR code, the personal security code entered or easily but the fingerprint scanned. For one, this ensures a fast payment method, but also for the security.

The login in the app can be done both automatically, as well as with the aforementioned fingerprint scan. For Smartwatch users could represent an interesting feature supported speech input, because here it is from now on with the support of Android Wear possible to find the five nearest sales outlets and to show the way. Also payments are transmitted with push messages directly on the Smartwatch.