Successor of the B1: with peak the company base brings the first Smartwatch intothe market since it was taken over by Intel just half a year ago. Peak is intended for the acquisition of fitness data — compared to its predecessor, the design was revised first and foremost.
The sensors integrated in the Smartwatch measure the motion of the wearer, his heart rate, how much he sweats, how much heat it emits and how blood moves. The wearable also supports Bluetooth, enabling a synchronization of the Smartwatchwith a mobile device using a special app, Engadget reports. The application should appear for iOS and Android. Base wants to publish an SDK for the Smartwatch,so that developers can bring out more apps.
Base peak gives a more noble design and a battery life of four days
The biggest difference to the predecessor B1 but lies in the design of the Smartwatch: peak is flatter and has also a metal case as, for example, the Apple Watch. The B1 was overall very klotzig and also because of the plastic housing less noble -no clock, which fit to any outfit and any occasion. In addition, the peak has an LCD touch screen and no buttons on the side. The battery of the new Smartwatch stay four days, the unit shall be water resistant up to 50 meters deep. The peak Smartwatch will be available from November, the introductory price is not yet known.