The latest data from IDC indicate that in the segment of the wearables Manda Fitbit followed Apple and Xiaomi, but that distinction is clear that the role of smart watches Apple is much more remarkable than for those based on Android Wear. There is a third character that does not appear in that picture of the market: Pebble, It seems to want to show that it is much more relevant than they give to give these figures.

Does so with a stroke on the table: the firm has decided to apply a strong discount across its line of intelligent watches but also have expanded its range in the United Kingdom and the European Union, which now offer Pebble Time Round. If you wanted a Pebble clock, has been made better time than this to get one.

An especially significant drop in prices in the EU

Prices today come into force, but if you encargasteis one of their watches 21 January 2016 or in a subsequent to that date, Pebble policymakers have indicated that only the new price will be charged to you announced yesterday.

On the official website of Pebble can compare the prices of the different models, splitting the $ $99.95 Pebble Classic model and from there they will rise to 229,95 EUR models Pebble Time Round both in field of 14 and 20 mm. Shipping costs, by the way, are free of charge in all cases.

In all cases there are different options of customization and Pebble they want to highlight the success of Pebble Health, your monitoring service of physical activity that also encourages us to keep us in shape. The proposal of this manufacturer is now more attractive than ever, and now will have to wait to see if this rebate can have the place that it deserves in forthcoming reports from consulting firms as IDC Pebble.