Pebble Is of Steel His Pebble Time and It Adds Smart Belts

The campaign of the new Pebble with color display aims to be the most successful funding on Kickstarter. If last week when they announced their watch they turned, this week they come with a very substantial upgrade in its campaign of crowdfunding. If you have already invested, or you’ve been doubting, it is worth to take a look.

Pebble has announced two new added to your new clock. On the one hand a smart strap system which will allow to change them more easily thanks to a system of pins. You can use universal, Yes, but thanks to this type of connector we can use electronic components and use models with sensors in this part of the clock.

I.e., with the new Pebble can use normal straps or some designed with sensors so, connected to the body of the clock, this can use them for all kinds of applications. A good idea to personalize the experience and offer more possibilities.

The other big announcement has been a Steel version of the clock. When announced it last week he was surprised they are encouraged with a version of plastic more youthful and carefree. If you were expecting a more sophisticated model with more noble materials, you have finally arrived.

The price is high and if at the time we invest in the project, we can update our contribution to get the Steel model. If at the time we did not, we can buy it by $250 well during the campaign are being now either when it goes on sale.

We’ll see if both the change in design and new functions serves to take a leap and not to miss the train in a category where Android Wear and the impending Apple Watch van hogging more and more prominence.