Evolution, not a revolution, but with some revolutionary element.

The colleagues from TechRadar spoke with Myriam Joire, the former spokesperson of Pebble, and could elicit her although no details, but at least circumstantial evidence about the upcoming Pebble clock.

In their usual PR language Joire announced a release of Pebble Smartwatch 2 in early 2015. We assume strong by the CES in January, where all regularity new technology highlights see the light of day.

It remains to be seen but if the Pebble 2 is a highlight. Much Joire did not reveal, but it suggests many things on more individuality. So the statements suggest that case material and wristbands can be in the future not only freely elected, but perhaps also exchanged. Circumstances Pebble makes the choice even when the display, but unlikely, especially since the E-Ink display is extremely energy-saving therefore. A modular version of the Pebble wanted to exclude the former spokeswoman at least. So could all be cobbled together by the customer himself. This is so far only speculation.

Continue to the focus should be directed more on fitness functions. Maybe also depending on the need. Sounds at least promising.