Pebble Smartwatch: Web Page Implemented Personal Design

Are you the proud owner of a Pebble Smartwatch and want a personal design? Then looks at you a little on dbrand and really your Smartwatch according to your own wishes and ideas and protects you even against dirt, water and other damage.

Maybe the page is some of you dbrand heard a term, because by using this site you can create own design Hull, or special films for your Smartphone. Many of the popular smartphone designs are supported. But not only mobile phones can be protected here and embellished.

If your a Pebble Smartwatch call your own, you can design a special protection for them. A special 3 M Viny is used for the slide film, that hardly interferes with the sleek design of the watch. Also, the film is waterproof and can be cleaned simply with water when needed. Clean, but without water, might want the Smartwatch before it sticks on the cover, then the two films and the two sets of buttons are also no problem.