They sensed that something big they were preparing, and finally here is: Pebble Time is the new Pebble smartwatch. Even if you do not prepare your credit card, for now.

It is of a new family project Pebble placed on Kickstarter to raise funds with a view to their release, and that they have already exceeded more than in the first few minutes. How great feature, Pebble Time includes a ‘e-paper’ color screen with autonomy by on top of what they provide other models.

Display ‘e-paper’ color and 7 days of autonomy

Based on a LCD panel, the new Pebble Time includes the same technology ‘e-paper’ from the original Pebble, but color. This enhancement allows you to maintain a high autonomy of the battery according to the manufacturer up to 7 days with each load and far superior to the current Android Wear (bike 360, G Watch R, among others) that must be loaded on a daily basis.

As a negative note, the range of colours offered is very limited front screens LCD / OLED more classic, allowing display only 64 colors compared to other alternatives million. Pebble ensures, that Yes, that vision in bright environments is ensured.

Next screen, Pebble Time also has a microphone to receive voice commands. Once more its functionality is limited, allowing you to respond to incoming notifications through pre-set commands or write short texts (notes, emails, SMS, Hangout, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger messages). It is not, nor by far a Siri/Cortana to Pebble, if not a product much more limited and less draught.

Slim and rounded

We will talk about the design. Pebble Time is 20% thinner than the original model, reaching the 9.5 mm with a slight curve in the body (that not on the screen) to adapt to our wrist. Uses standard 22 mm straps, so the possibilities of customizing it expands. As a curious note, Pebble is going to put the necessary files available to users for anyone can create belts, holsters, and docks adapted to the Time. 3D printers? It’s your turn.

The body varies considerably with respect to the previous models. It is available in white, black and Red keeping the side buttons that say, allow to organize the present, past and future of our agenda:

Pebble Time improves the software to be, they say, more intuitive, for example including a ‘app menu’ with which to control and manage other functions. Software is precisely one of its strengths, with a huge mass of developers programming ‘apps’ to its app store in which all your apps will be compatible with the new Time.

Pebble Time, price and availability

The official price of Pebble Time will be $199 Once the crowdsourcing ends on Kickstarter and company sell it through its web site. Meanwhile they are promoting it to $159 (only 5,000 units) and $179 (20,000 units). Similarly there are other offers on Kickstarter with limited units.

What is the release date? According to Kickstarter in may, 2015 will begin to ship the first units their buyers, although is possible given the avalanche of orders they can delay a few weeks.