This week presented Pebble Time, the surprise that the people of Pebble He had saved up his sleeve. A smartwatch that evolves the previous models to adopt a color screen, at the same time that it maintains its great autonomy of 7 days.

After just 48 hours since the project is put up on Kickstarter should recognize that Pebble Time not could have had a better start, and that the current competition is fierce and has little to do with the first model. These two days have already achieved that almost 50,000 people bet on it with an amount of more than $ 10 million. 29 days, left what is not able to get? These have been its main milestones achieved During this short period of time:

$500,000, the goal in 17 minutes

Made our @Kickstarter goal in 17 minutes? Only one thing to say 😀 #PebbleTime

— Pebble (@Pebble) February 24, 2015

First milestone, Pebble Time got the $500,000 asking in a quarter of an hour. They harvested half of this figure in 9 minutes. But here is the thing.

34 minutes, the first million

Started w/our backers now we ‘ re here! Thx to you = hit 1 MM on @kickstarter in 34 minutes. #PebbleTime = #RecordTime

— Pebble (@Pebble) February 24, 2015

With a linear rhythm, 17 minutes for the half a million… and 34 minutes Pebble Time harvested his first million. Traditionally a major barrier that was a pushover for the new smartwatch.

And in 48 hours, the first Pebble already left behind

It only took 48 hours for @Pebble Time to raise more than the first @Pebble project:

— Kickstarter (@kickstarter) February 26, 2015

An important event was Pebble Time when going to outdo the original Pebble, had a figure falls with its 10.266.845 dollars. Well, nothing, Two days. To the next!

The following? Beat the record of the fridge

#PebbleTime = #RecordTime In UNDER 48 HOURS, your got us here. We can’t even right now.

— Pebble (@Pebble) February 26, 2015

And it is that you just need one. The first. Yes, it is a fridge multifunctional, the Coolest Cooler, which is in the first position in the ranking of income, with a total amount of 13.285.226 dollars which Pebble Time is very close to overcome, and we are sure that you will do it. The question is how long will it take? At the pace that leads will be in the next few hours when you get it…