Qualcomm It is being manufacturers most prominent and active in Barcelona, within the MWC 2010. The most interesting thing they have shown in this exhibition are their prototypes of smartbooks, to insist, and the new platform of live interactive content, the new FLO-EV.

The combination of these notebooks for home and the FLO-EV services themselves in a very interesting way as rivals of the Apple iPad, rolex watch and other teams looking to make a place in our lounge.

Smartbook as union of television live and web content

Qualcomm These days it is showing on the Mobile World Congress 2010 his globe-trotting prototypes of smartbooks. These come ready to use the latest version of FLO technology that lets us have live TV on portable devices.

If the manufacturers of televisions and television stations are like crazy to draw in its products to users of social networks or compulsive browsers who have stopped watching television in the traditional way, Qualcomm raises your smartbooks as portable and home devices to carry television efficiently a team of type UMPC or tablet.

We have demonstrated in Barcelona has a very good pint. Above you can see the integration of a live broadcast which also received data from the Internet who complete an experience closer to what is currently demanding to watch TV.

Also the social networks they will have an important presence in the FLO-EV service, lying at the moment first Twitter. How many we see currently television Twitter open on the phone?