Samsung has made a redistribution of 500 software engineers who previously worked in the mobile division of the company and that from now on they will develop their work in other areas such as electronics consumption, printers, televisions, or the development of corporate software solutions.

According to Samsung the measure has been taken to “improve our competitive advantage in the industry of the Internet of things and increase synergies for the Tizen platform”. It more or less seems to mean that the future of Tizen on smartphones becomes complicated.

according to, About two years ago Samsung seemed to be clear that Tizen could become your reference mobile platform, but that proposal promising He has been leaving nothing consistently. Delays in the arrival of these theoretical terminals have been constant, and the theoretical arrival of a smartphone Samsung with Tizen was delayed from 2013 at the beginning of 2014 – with a Samsung that bet by Tizen not only smartphones — and, in recent weeks, in November this year. Logically, we just don’t believe it, especially after leaving is that Samsung Galaxy Z appeared to be referring in this scenario.

This movement of template seems to confirm little revenue Tizen have on smartphones. Platform has made appearance in other types of devices such as smart watches or televisions, but it seems that Samsung by Tizen bet fades permanently.