Samsung introduced its smartwatch Gear S2 last summer. They seem to be so happy with how running them that instead of presenting a new device, which we have shown in this CES 2016 has been a new collection to change its outward appearance, but at the same time keeping its internal specifications.

In this way the new S2 Gear opens its Edition “Classic” offers an appearance as the conventional sundials of yore, and two Platinum and 18 carat Rose Gold. It will continue to use the same Tizen is giving such good results and have announced that soon it will be compatible with Apple’s iPhone.

Samsung did not want wet on the date in which the Gear S2 will be compatible with iOS, they have limited themselves to saying that the year will be more input, and not iOS users will have the same experience that the Android or if some functionality will be missing. In any case function works, and thus we have seen it.

Moreover, if you read our analysis of the S2 Gear already you know you your specifications of run, with an Exynos 3250 processor at 1 GHz, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of non-expandable storage, NFC for Samsung Pay and a 1.2-inch screen. The price of this new collection has not been disclosed, but Samsung has said that it will reach the market next February.