According to recent studies by the manufacturer Samsung continues in the Smartwatch segment, other manufacturers such as Motorola but catch up. Apple in turn is not included of course.

Samsung is often criticized that the company has brought out to many different Smartwatches. There are various models that address but different customer segments, however, can the layman, who is looking for a simple, matching Smartwatch, have been hard to choose the right model. From an enterprise perspective one must admit however, that makes the concept of sense and runs very well. Looking at the sales figures of the last year you can see that Samsung still leads the list of the Smartwatch provider with 1.2 million sold pieces.

Not even half, ca 500,000 piece managed to get Motorola last year by the Moto 360, but with only a single model and not like Samsung all models together. For this you need Samsung keep to good that the watches only with a Samsung Smartphone are compatible, while the Moto 360 with all Android devices can be operated. We reported the Moto 360 with an iPhone 6 even on a user who made it, so iOS to pair. LG follows in third place with Pebble has sold more wearables, but with $91 million, behind Motorola and LG is located. The Apple Watch will appear in April and a very good start, almost all analysts predict the Smartwatch, thus we are curious how the statistics will read in the next year. Samsung leads yet, but it is quite possible that Apple expires the rank to the other Smartwatches in the first year.