Samsung had an ACE kept up his sleeve, and not tired of give us your next Gear S2 smartwatch tracks, I don’t even expect to the official event, but it published details on Monday, August 31. At that time, knew that the clock It would be powered by Tizen, Mobile operating system owned by Samsung, by what we think this would be compatible only devices Galaxy, as it happened with the first S Gear, but not, Samsung had more prepared surprises.

During the launch event of the new Gear S2 in IFA 2015, Samsung confirmed that your watch would be compatible for the first time with Android devices starting with version 4.4, which opened new possibilities to new clock, that for many specialists, it is the last successful device. But this is not over, since Samsung has another ACE up the sleeve, because they have to thinking open iOS support.

Samsung and its aggressive strategy against Google and Apple

The English site Digital Spy, has had access to statements of one of the executives of Samsung, who has confirmed that as was the case with Android, they are working on open iOS support, so your new watch Star, two of the most widely used platforms nowadays would attack.

The strategy is clear, Samsung does not intend to squander one of the most attractive in smartwatches and stylized designs. So to open up to both systems, ensures the growth of its platform, in addition to competes directly against Android Wear and of course Apple Watch.

With this, the owners of the iPhone already they would have several options in the market in addition to the House. On the one hand, Pebble and his interesting proposal, Android Wear which has just announced its support to iOS, Alcatel and its proprietary operating system, and now Tizen.

No doubt Apple will have to put the batteries, since when it was released the Apple Watch external options were few, but today watchOS has competition and in Cupertino have much work ahead, If they want to their Apple Watch is the most interesting option for users of its iPhone.