Every year we have more powerful processors, more storage capacity, better screens, more RAM… but rather rarely changes, or not at the speed we would like: batteries. No matter how much battery is your mobile, never enough.

A basic and classic save battery life on Android is disable everything that you are not using: connection data, GPS, Bluetooth and, of course, the Wi-Fi. Not too difficult Disable and manually activate the Wi-Fi, but sometimes you can forget you. No problem, Smart WiFi Toggler can do for you, and does it very well.

Turn off Wi-Fi to save battery life

Having enabled Wi-Fi connection means that the mobile not to incessantly look for known Wi-Fi networks to connect, which consumes a considerable amount of battery. For example, this snippet is taken from our guide on how to save battery life on Android.

A habit that I have taken from some time ago is, when I go out, turn off Wi-Fi and active data and when I do the opposite. Don’t let the Wi-Fi enabled if not you’re going to use to gain precision in location.

The problem is precisely this manual gesture, that very habit that is inevitably on occasion you are going to forget, with results like that you spend more battery, necessary or at home, you get to watch YouTube and install applications without realizing that they were not connected to the Wi-Fi.

Another problem arising from that you forget to turn off the Wi-Fi is the loss of connectivity. Yes by pass road near any access point that you have used in the past and need to enter your username and password, the mobile will not do it for you, but it will leave you connected and without connectivity. Fortunately, most phones will detect the problem and will be switched off in a few minutes, but you could still miss some message or important notice.

Smart WiFi Toggler works, no more

The solution to this is clear: an application that enable or disable the Wi-Fi depending on your location. If you’re at home or other places where to use Wi-Fi (work, College, etc), will activate the Wi-Fi connectivity, and if not, not. Is not a new concept on Android, and made souvenir to have it in a ROM on my ancient Sony Xperia Mini Pro, but paradoxically it seems that no one is paying too much attention to this concept currently.

While Google and basically any technology company that boasts is very motivated in creating and improving their artificial system, some basic rules as simple as these fail to be implemented on a large scale in Android. The closest thing I have on my phone is Smart network Switch, a small lottery in which network alternates between Wi-Fi and mobile to enhance stability, and that it can be a great use of data. No thanks.

Smart Network Switch and timer Wi-Fi: something similar, but not the same

Fortunately, applications go out once again to the rescue. There are not too many applications that allow you to enable or disable connections depending on your location (worth mentioning is Automate), but few alternatives I’ll take Smart WiFi Toggler because it only does one thing, does it well and in addition you don’t have to lift a finger if you want.

Smart WiFi Toggler2.5.4

  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Developer: Sebouh Aguehian
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools

To begin to connect and disconnect the Wi-Fi automatically the only thing you need to do is install the application and you’re. It will periodically check where you are and the status of the connection, learning over time and switch on or off the Wi-Fi with ever more precision.

However, according to Holidaysort.com,if you are a power-user you can control the inner workings and the logic behind this decision making. You’ll find these options in the settings of the application. A paragraph which you should not miss is Timers and triggers. In this section you can choose the time intervals that will use the application to search connectivity changes or search networks known in a saved location.

Smart WiFi Toggler settings are filled with interesting options such as WiFi Hopper (disabled by default) to change from a Wi-Fi network to another that has a greater signal strength or the option to start the application at the beginning. If your mobile phone does not have much memory and Android kills the process, you can enable persistent mode, Adds a notification to the system.

How do I know if it is working?

The quickest way of knowing which Smart WIFI Toggler is running is to look at the Wi-Fi connection status. Is turning off and turning on when it’s time? Time the application displays a message ephemeral warning that you are testing connectivity, although more form reliably and accurately know first-hand data is opening the application and by referring to the usage statistics.

In these columns, you can check how the mobile connectivity has changed in recent days and How has the application switched off or on the Wi-Fi connection If single (here marked in the column as a “Service”).

You’re probably wondering if the remedy is worse than the disease, and if Smart WiFi Toggler uses a lot of battery during these periodic checks. The truth is that the application uses the network location and not the GPS, so the energy use is very low. After using it for a week, do appeared in the list of applications that have been most used battery, which is a good sign.