We have one of those products that are famous for appearing in a film, which is also accompanied by a unique design that made it to be striking at the time of presentation, and that still makes it seem different – DeLorean is a good example. We talk about the clock Seiko carrying Sigourney Weaver in Aliens.

Deciding to reissue a 1980s clock seems a strange idea, at a time where bloom smartwatches, but that have decided the Japanese. They released a limited edition so some customers fight by wearing the watch that the Lieutenant Ripley James Cameron devised used. With it he slew a few aliens.

Seiko reissued clock designed by Giugiario science fiction became famous 30 years ago

The original watch responds to the name of Seiko Giugiaro 7A28-7000, and it was released in 1983. As you can guess, commissioned to design the product was the Italian Giorgetto Giugiaro, best known for his works in the automotive world.

In the reissue the same design is not exactly preserved, we can see that the button and wheel located on the left are gone, but generally maintains the same appearance. Still calling attention the hard-hitting right block with two buttons to control the stopwatch (quartz). In the following Gallery you have the new model:

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The housing of the new models is coated steel and features a design which makes it to be water resistant. The overall dimensions are 41, 8 x 42, 2 x 10.8 mm, was not particularly slim.

They take advantage to give two shades to the new model, being able to choose between grey – SCED035 – and – SCED037 – black, both in limited editions of 3,000 units. The price is high for a relatively simple clock, ask us $260 by grey, and 292 dollars the black, but always is less than search on ebay the original (hard to find one in good condition).

It is not a watch that I especially like, too flashy, but it is fair to comment that it is a piece designed thirty years ago thinking about a futuristic world in which they live as simple mechanisms such as a clock, with ships and space stations. The original model in the following Gallery:

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