Few times the search engine giant conferences had focused so our attention as the Google I/O This year. It starts tomorrow, but already there are leaks of some of the developments we expect more here: Online TV seriously.

Smart TV It is as it is called, according to the FT, the adventure in which Google has included Intel and Sony with the firm intention of bringing Internet to televisions, but really. The mix chosen sounds interesting: Sony TV, Intel chip and Android operating system adapted to the TV screen. All well mixed but not shaken.

The death of the current widgets

according to ruizesolar,Although Sony is still a dance partner for Google that we are sure that it is bringing its experience, Smart TV expected to be external to the TV controlled by Google and that Sony may be ready to integrate into their screens.

If finally Smart TV provides Internet on your TV through a new interface or Android-based operating system, will be a new blow for Yahoo and manufacturers who were offering their applets on their televisions, especially for Samsung, which this same January gambled on applications in the TV very interestingly, but I am afraid that not enough to compete with a giant like Google.

Hope for Yahoo and current manufacturers is that Google is decided at the beginning by offering only their ecosystem (Gmail, the search engine, Youtube and Picasa …), although rumors are one Shop Android where is download apps to your TV. In fact, this Google I/O will be the starting point for developers start working with Smart TV and we can finally see an Internet untethered on the TV. And clear, instead, Google would be happy to place your advertising and collect data about our experience watching TV.

I’d like to see what both Microsoft and Apple may pose to get into the TV (that sure that they will try to) once Google have decided to go for it.