While carry a few years between us, the added services of so-called Smart TV can not say that you have deserved its name always. 2012 must be that moment in which pot on the line and we can talk with total pride of advanced televisions.

In addition to Internet access, playback of files from different sources and applications, 2012 brings televisions in which cameras and different controls are the next big thing.

And as we know that in Engadget you want to try everything that falls in our hands, started with a series of analysis of advanced services most outstanding lines of televisions for 2012 of brands such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG or Philips.

Panasonic DT50 and Smart Viera

We started the series of posts on Smart systems of different brands with more presence in the market with Smart Viera Panasonic.

according to whereversmartphone.com,The company has taken to with a system in keeping with the times but already we can say that he is in the race proper after a few years being brands offering a more limited Smart system.

The model of television that we have used for our test is one of the new Panasonic DT50, team LED in which we find ourselves with the spectacular redesign his appearance that as well I feel to this screen.

The Panasonic DT50 It is perfectly ready for services Smart TV: Ethernet, USB ports and up to Wifi connection of series. But we have come here to talk about my book and this will.

Smart interface Viera

Panasonic has achieved that the interface with which we are moving within your Viera Smart is a well known. When we access the Advanced General functions of the TV we keep the content in the foreground and down we have the different options that we can choose. We focus on those related to Viera Connect.

Basic Advanced options are a click of the remote control

When entered in Viera Connect We are already with the Carousel Classic company. In the Center is fixed content live that we were watching, while around that screen are shortcuts to applications and services that we have active or installed.

In the Centre maintain the content “ live & #8221;

To move by them have to resort to the indicator arrows, under which is the direct access to the Market of Panasonic. The design and organization of applications into the same liked us enough, we note the increase in them over the past year although options remain still a little scarce active services in other territories such as the us, especially in content.

Mobile applications

Today few brands can afford not to have a complete application for all major platforms (Android and iOS) that let us control the basic functions and also some advanced of our TV.

Panasonic has its corresponding application for Android and iOS with which we can handle absolutely everything on the TV, from the most basic (volume, source or programs) to direct access options.

The application of Panasonic also leaves us using the touch screen of the phone as a touchpad, and the most spectacular, slide content (video, photos, music and even web pages) from the phone up to the TV.

There is currently no trace of control by voice or by movements, that LG or Samsung have introduced in their latest models that you will also talk about.

Playing video from different sources

In addition to applications and services into Viera Connect, Panasonic TVs allow the playback of video content from three main sources: memory card, USB or DLNA discs.

In the first two cases we have noticed that the interface slows down during the access to the contents of the disks or cards, but located on it once the experience improves. That doesn’t mean that I seem that it needs a strong renewal.

The interface reminds us of heap media players

On the main screen We can see miniatures of the videos, which breed to pose us about them.

Compatibility with different files is bantante wide, and we haven’t found problems playing content mkv with subtitles and quality up to 1080 p.

The opposite happens with the playback from DLNA. The interface has been more agile, it is simple to use (if the server from which we take content is on the TV automatically detects it if you are connected to the same network) but for example the subtitles cannot be displayed. The video has been reproduced without any slowdown.

With regard to the recording, It can be done, but there are some conditions for the hard drive that we use. So, has to be a model with a capacity of at least 160 GB (maximum 2 TB) and external power supply, what leaves out interesting disks USB flash drives and portable external.

Skype and social networks to split screen

The new TVs from Panasonic of 2012 (and previous years models) have the ability to be used as a window for video conferencing on big screen thanks to the Skype application installed in series and an accessory (webcam) that fits perfectly in the new narrow frame of the Panasonic TV.

Skype to Viera Smart interface is completely adapted for use in a TV and it is very functional. The best thing is that we can hold a conversation on video with Skype while in the other half of the screen we maintain what we were seeing on the TV.

That split screen can also be used when we are working with Twitter and Facebook, applications which greatly facilitates establishing conversations in these social networks will enjoy programming while.

The split screen is a great idea for videoconferencing and use of social networks while watching TV

Functional web browser

After a few years when the web browser was the great forgotten Smart TV, which is included in the renewed Smart Viera is a full browser It allows to navigate without problems or limitations.

Engadget in all its glory in the web browser

To highlight the Favorites management, which are displayed when starting the browser in the form of mosaic with a maximum of 27 thumbnails that facilitate access to the most visited websites in a direct way, without having to type the address, task that is always an arduous task with a classic controller.

Navigate with the help of the mosaic’s Favorites is a success

Another more convenient way to surf the Internet is to start in mobile phone Android or iOS and “ launch ” then the web to screen.

Applications, the always classic with video on demand

With applications in the TV world I am quite skeptic, as I believe most applications on smartphone that “ flying ” to the big screen. So on the Panasonic TV not caught my attention more than the usual. Basically we talk about applications of information, services or content and games.

Among the most accomplished are Picasa, Vimeo or Youtube, with an interface the latter which greatly facilitates navigation with a remote control classic.

Applications star on TV I think that we agree that are those that allow access to content, especially of video on demand. The undisputed star on Panasonic televisions is Wuaki.tv, which displays its renewed interface perfectly adapted to the big screen.

Remote control

Although the model DT50 we tested does not include that option and the remote control that comes standard is a classic design, high VIERA VT50 and WT50 ranges include a remote control in keeping with the new times.

Classic but very functional, so is the basic command of televisions Panasonic 2012

The See Touch Pad Controller It has a surface as a touchpad that facilitates navigation on these capabilities of Smart Viera.

And now for the next Smart TV of our test bench system. In a few days on the front page of Engadget. And don’t forget to review the special about Smart TV’s Smart Home Xataka.

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