We have seen quite a lot of developments in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but while last year the segment of the wearables and smart watches It had occupied much of the interest of the manufacturer and your ads, this year the news in this regard have been scarce.

In fact in this Mobile we go without just nothing to outline Smart Watches segment: smartphones makers have chosen to put all the meat on the spit on their new devices and as much in virtual reality devices. What has happened to the smartwatches?

An evolution that lowers its frenetic pace

The truth is that the market seems to be in a sort of “technological adolescence” in which devices do not seem to be able to offer many more improvements that already offer. The latest proposals that we saw in recent months – the Samsung S2 Gear is the most notable – have not gone beyond raising some usability improvements, but neither Android Wear-based clocks nor the own Apple Watch They seem to be in a hurry to renew.

That could be one of the keys to a segment that as in the case of the tablets seemed to begin your path many hurry for renewal. The first generation of devices with square screens was followed by another with circular designs, and the sportier models also succeeded them soon those power-oriented replace traditional clocks in the field of fashion and design.

Things have gone more slowly in as far as it upgrades functional: Android Wear and watchOS have moved progressively in its range of services and applications, but none of the two proposals It’s finished to convince us all that the smart watch can bring something really significant in many scenarios.

The autonomy and independence of the smartwatch, key to the future

That may be due in part to the dependence of these smartphones devices that are associated, and for that reason can be that the next great revolution of these products is not in the software, but in the hardware.

Specifically in an area: of autonomous and independent operation, something that would allow that we did not have to wear the mobile in your pocket to be able to access all the features of our smart watch.

It seems that in this Mobile World Congress technology was not at all prepared for this, but it is clear that there is key progress in this sense: the matter of eSIM Classifieds they will be particularly relevant for the future of the smartwatches, the wearables and devices of the IoT, and perhaps this was not more than a respite for a market that no doubt will continue to talk about in the coming months.

The relevance of the eSIM is not in smartphones, but in wearables and IoT

When we spoke yesterday about the virtual SIM or eSIM explained as Telefonica had shown us its operation with the first device that will integrate this type of technology: the month of April O2 will sell in Germany the Galaxy S2 Gear with eSIM, which will allow product function as a stand-alone clock more easily.

Had already appeared smartwatches with SIM slot, but this is the first time that a device makes the leap to this new standard that promises to become in the reference in the market of smart watches, the wearables and the Internet of things. The advantages are clear both in the physical management and distribution – disappear, and is the manufacturer which integrates these tiny cards – as in the access to the services offered.

The eSIM also make sense on smartphones – comfort in the field of voice plans and data changes or in roaming services is evident – but the advantages of the standard are made patent on “wearable” devices, and smart watches They seem to clamor This improvement.

At the moment this type of technology is developing, but hopefully that while in 2016 only to see some first signs of its implementation, will be in 2017 When will probably see the revolution posed by this type of SIM cards.

And if there are protagonists for adoption, those will be the smart clocks, which finally may also be independent and autonomous from the mobile. Maybe that in the MWC 2016 the smartwatches have not been protagonists of exception, but it is more than likely that they are so much more in a promising MWC 2017 in which the eSIM is more seated. We will be attentive to this.