Designer Andrei Moldovan a Smartwatch presents us concept, in which he his idea a classic clock has combined with all technical features of a modern Smartwatch.

The design of each clock and also any Smartwatch is always a matter of taste. The design departments of companies probably work day and night on new concepts, but you can never satisfy the taste of each customer. While the a Smartwatch is round and resembles more of a “normal” watch, other smart watches are angular and shine with a more futuristic design.

The Romanian designer Andrei Moldovan tried the concepts of classical watches with the modern Smartwatches to let something merge and presents us photos of his work. At first glance, the watch looks chic and modern, but hardly differs from a conventional watch. Functions such as time, date and temperature do not surprise at first glance also still. More fields but show us that they are a Smartwatch that can show even emails, calls and messages.

Scroll through the Gallery is to all other typical functions of a Smartwatch, the users allow to make calls or send messages and receive. Also social media activities such as Facebook or navigation are no problem with this concept. We know similar ideas already, for example by the Withings activite pop, because this seems to be a normal watch even at the first minute and only if required by the semi-transparent display becomes the Smartwatch. We are of course curious to see whether further will engage in this rail soon to develop Smartwatches that are hardly of conventional watches.