If we talk about personalized watches, Bamford Watch Department needs no introduction. The London firm is, along with Project X and Ember Watches among others, one of the most popular in this ‘art’ and some of his creations have been pretty high – profile, as reinterpreteaciones the Rolex Daytona Paul Newman or Rolex ‘Popeye’.

His latest creation is a limited edition for the famous shop and art gallery also London’s Dover Street Market, in collaboration with the signing of pop art fashion The Rodnick Band, and stars the legendary Snoopy, using his arms as time needles and minutera (the seconds seem that stood by the way).

The piece has ‘suffered’ such customization is a Rolex Datejust 41 mm, version with smooth bezel, which has remained intact only the crown of the sphere. Both the cash and the bracelet has been applied to the exclusive MGTC coating Bamford, titanium matt dark gray, and has used a black matte for the sphere, and a fairly subtle design, for what we have seen in this type of customizations, in the figure of Snoopy. In fact, even the doghouse that replaces the usual Rolex box turns to black.

Not the first time the popular beagle appears in one of the limited editions of Bamford, in fact a few months ago also starred in a limited edition of another Datejust for the famous Parisian shop Colette, nor is it the first time Snoopy makes an appearance in the watchmaker world. The character also appeared in more than one edition Omega Speedmaster to commemorate the Snoopy Award watch manufacturer that received NASA. Some time ago we told you about the subject.

In short, returning to Bamford, if you walk by London and Dover Street Market land catches you on the way, is between Picadilly Circus and The National Gallery, you can become one of the 8 pieces there for sale.

And we’ll talk another time if this of ‘tuning’ or Rolex is heresy.