Sony has also decided that, despite being very recent, had to renew his bracelet Smartband, bracelet cuantificadora we already tested at Engadget few months ago.

The new model is called Sony SmartBand Talk, and now it is a much more complete accessory and remaining on horseback between bracelet cuantificadora and smartwatch.

First impressions of the SmartBand Talk

No screen but with very good performance. We thus asylum in its analysis to the Smartband introduced by Sony together with the Z2. The Japanese brand has not hesitated to improve that option and presents the Smartband Talk.

This bracelet has now screen, but not one based on own e-ink technology that autonomy is not a nightmare. Sony has estimated it at three days (rechargeable via microUSB), only slightly better than the one’s a smart watch but pretty far from a bracelet cuantificadora where the goal is to a large extent be able forget recharge for at least a week.

The SmartBand Talk gains functionality by adding screen, microphone and speaker but loses autonomy so far as threatening as quantifier despite include altimeter

This screen will be used to inform us of the time or data from our quantification, but also for greater integration with the smartphone.

In fact, We answer calls from the Smartband thanks to a that the Talk has microphone and speaker. Notifications provides even a header so we decide to only look at it if we want to take the smartphone in your pocket or not.

That screen is not touch and works by small bumps on its surface. The bracelet, which can dive)profile IP68), it is capable of measuring complex activities such as swimming or cycling, and includes a success: altimeter.

This Talk of Sony SmartBand hit the market also in October by 169 euro, and it will be compatible with any Android device.