Sony Mobile is one of the companies most concerned about getting out of the NFC technology, already showed it including support in much of their phones, regardless of the range. It was also the first to launch “tags” with your Sony Xperia Smart Tags, starting in 2012.

Today we learned, by a video you have posted on their YouTube channel insidewatch, that they have prepared a new generation of labels, christened as Sony SmartTags NT3. Let’s meet them:

The obvious change is in the design, the new NT-3 have a design – for my taste – more attractive, with the logo registered NFC, rather than the acronym. They are again designed to be hung anywhere, or carried as a keyring. Tags measuring 25 mm in diameter and weighing 3.3 g.

Performance I think everyone knows it, in a nutshell, we have tags that approach our phone (both with NFC), change us profiles or settings easily and quickly. For example, to reach a settlement and attached to WiFi, or arriving home and activate a profile of leisure activities in the terminal.

Thanks to the Sony Smart Connect app we can consider what processes or applications we want to jump to establish contact between phone and tag. It seems that here are the shots in terms of news features: automating processes for sharing content, upload them to the cloud, etc..

Although the official website for the Sony SmartTags NT3 has already been prepared, there is not much information on them, and less on price and availability. We will watch.