Sony announced at the event on the IFA, to equip its Smartwatch 3 not only with silicone bracelets, but also with a pendant made of metal. The metal bracelets should come in the fourth quarter of the year on the market – a concrete date can only be speculated.

There are also no official press pictures by Sony to version with metal bracelet. But after all, notes on data make wide now, which suggest that the metal version for just 280 euro appears at the latest in January.

There are however conflicting details in the online stores. While Amazon is simply certified “currently not in stock”, the shops in the Netherlands are concrete. The speech, the shop is on our site by 29 December our site is not until mid-January in view of a possible delivery date.

Whether specific information underlying the information, we do not know though, but at least we can prepare ourselves for exact periods. It is still unclear whether the metal bracelet will be available separately. We will inform you as soon as there is something new in this regard.