More and more manufacturers are trying to gain market share in the highly competitive Smartwatch industry. Because the threshold, to buy an expensive Smartwatch is still very large for most citizens, attract both great names as well as small startups with unbeatable special offers. So too the US manufacturer Striiv: with the Striiv of “Fusion”, a mixture of Smartwatch and a fitness Tracker, especially still doubting users will be addressed by the low price.

Smartwatch with fitness features

The Striiv fusion is basically a usual Smartwatch, which like many of its competitors has the ability and notifications to display your iPhone or Android Smartphone. In addition to this almost mandatory features just 16 grams heavy hour has some fitness functions: not only the stages of sleep, but also calories burned, distances traveled and active phases of the user can be logged.

This is vertical-format display, similar to the Apple Watch sports, an ion-hardened glass equipped with, this should ensure a higher scratch resistance. The three supplied elastic bracelets provide a particularly long life the clock according to the manufacturer, so this again must be exchanged after a couple of months use.

Available for €81

In addition to the 1 battery life particularly the price of one of the most important features of the Smartwatch is: for just $99 is the “fusion” in the United States for sale available at some Online retailers it starts at the time even at just $55. Even if the clock cannot keep due to their price certainly not with top-Smartwatches, it nevertheless represents a device suitable for beginners. Buyers should however be aware, that the quality certainly suffers from the low price, as described also in some reviews on Amazon.