If you have a Smartwatch, which runs on Android Wear, then you do without also on the wrist on the news of our site. Around the clock, we inform you literally around the clock. There are several variants, like your push messages from the Smartwatch.de on your Android wear Smartwatch can receive.

Subscribe to Twitter messages.

As a first option, Twitter is available. You simply follow us on the social network (our site) with your account and activated the push notifications for our profile in the settings. Android you must tap simply the little star in the profile to do so, to mark the account as a favorite. Then you should look in the options of the Twitter app, there you can the Favorites enable namely under “Messages” or clear. The Android wear Smartwatch by mobile phone is connected, so you get filed our news as a map on the wrist in a matter of seconds.


The second possibility is the automation service FOURSQUARE, which can send push messages directly to Android wear. Easy “if RSS feed, then Android wear” type in a recipe and you’re done. Our RSS feed address is the our site.