Accessories to attach a smartphone to a photo / video camera tripod there are a lot of different shapes and sizes. But few are as curious as this Mark II Scope Mounted Electronics company, being focused towards an audience broader than the amateur photographers.

It is an evolution of a previous model of the same brand (MarkI), which is not only able to connect a mobile to all kinds of conventional, but adapt it for use with guns, bows, crossbows, and telescopes.

according to BREATHTAKINGDRESSES.COM,It consists of an arm with a support articulated with several clamps that fit virtually any tripod or standard bracket. One end has a receptacle for the smartphone, with a magnetic rectangle for a quick connect and a hole for the camera part.

The idea of this hole is that Mobile optics will never touch the optics of the device He acoplemos it, thus avoiding friction that could damage the lens. Also features with a 3,000 mAh battery to keep loaded mobile while we use it via a classical USB port.

What types of application can give you? Basically it is a product that can Watch, record, and make photos of objects and animals that we like to see distance with telescopes, telephoto lenses and binoculars, directly from the screen of the phone, without having to be the face attached to the optical.

But it is also a complement intended for lovers of hunting, which may attach the mobile to the scope of rifles, bows and crossbows, recording everything what crosses your path in the phone’s memory. In the following Gallery you have practical examples of these uses, both the MarkI the MarkII:

See complete gallery» MarkII support smartphone (7 photos)

Price and availability

For the moment, Mark II has launched a campaign for funding on Kickstarter that will end at the end of this month and you expect to get $20,000. If they succeed, the first units will arrive in the market from may of this year by $149.