Swatch to Launch New Smart Watch in Face of Competition from Apple

Swatch confirms that update its line “Swatch Touch” with features focused on physical activity

Last week we informed you of a new rumor stating that Swatch and other famous watch companies would be working with Apple in developing its iWatch. Just one day after the news reached the mainstream media, Swatch is personally responsible for denying the rumors and any collaboration linking them with Apple or your next smart watch.

From the beginning, Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch, has been quite critical of the smartwatch, believing that offer nothing to the user as to justify their purchase, far from the place of their existing watches. However, it seems that among the plans of the company is entering one way or another in the market for smart watches next year.

In fact, Hayek himself has been responsible for confirming that the company willrenew next year Swatch Touch line, the only Swatch range of devices with touch screen, to incorporate new features and characteristics that come closer to the smartwatch. Here we can see the statements made by the CEO to a Swiss newspaper:

It seems pretty clear that these latest statements are addressed to all the rumors that have appeared during the last week, according to which Swatch would be responsible for the different designs that could incorporate the iWatch.

Swatch CEO devoted a few words to Apple: “We already know what we have to do, we need collaboration”

It seems that sooner or later not only large technology companies enter the world of smart watches, but companies who have devoted a lifetime to the construction of conventional watches could also look favorably entry into this new market, thus achieving open a new avenue of business.

It will be interesting to see how things can go the heart of the most classic watch companies, because on one side will have all the background and experience of decades in the service of the construction of watches, but on the other hand the inexperience of the latest technology.