Swatch Will Respond with Bluetooth and Mobile Payment at The Arrival of Advanced Watches

It is not yet on sale but the reactions of the classic watchmaking industry at Apple Watch and other advanced watches that will punch through the 2015, is still very prominent. His main supporter has added to the movement of Swiss with quantification systems manufacturers, Swatch.

After alert this week one of the founders of the Swiss company of the threat to the classical industry posed by the arrival on the market of Apple Watch, the current head of Swatch, Nick Hayek, has announced that There will be news in some of their models of watches of this year.

NFC and mobile payments in the next Swatch

In addition to bluetooth, the next watches include more technology to take advantage of pull sales of watches that are expected with the arrival of the Apple model. The firm will appeal to the NFC technology to enable mobile payments with their watches. The first agreement reached it with Chinese UnionPay, a Swiss Bank and a big card company that it has all the earmarks of being VISA

These first watches from Swatch with NFC will come to market in about two months, while bluetooth watch group will do in summer. In that case too many details have not been given but from Swatch claim that thanks to the bluetooth connectivity clock will enhance its capabilities. But will never be something over or that the feeling of that has shifted the smartphone to the wrist, something that others are already doing according to Swatch.

The battery and the design, in addition to a price more content, will be weapons that Swatch intends to propose an alternative who want to pass or return to a clock advanced without major pretensions.