We have already seen that Swatch is taking its first steps in that put intelligence to their watches, but if you were curious to know what he is doing the watch of the Swiss country industry to combat with CAMES it over: the Android Wear artillery, and Apple Watch.

The answer may be in partnering and creating solutions that give you more possibilities to their watches. The Swiss industry continues to believe that clocks should look like watches, as so far, but there has to be more technology inside, which perform well with mobile devices, and which of step quantify activities.

We saw the idea in Withings Activite

That is the role of MMT (Manufacture Modules Technologies), a platform developed by brands like Alpina, Mondaine and Frederique Constant, that tries to create similar products to what we’ve seen on Withings Activité. That said, that looks like a clock, but be smart.

Much summarizing the issue, aim is to incorporate new electronic components on a traditional clock, with the intention of turn it into a quantifier, such as a bracelet signed by FitBit, Samsung, Garmin, or Xiaomi.

Yes, that additive would place them far away from the capabilities of a Smart Watch Google, Apple or Pebble, but is certainly a first step towards Silicon Valley, and a functionality that can claim the attention of many ‘traditional’ buyers.

Motion X puts technology

Manufacture Modules Technologies work is to embed this new technology in the housings of the Swiss watches. In terms of its impact on the design of the watches, because you can find us a new dial to check activities. You have a good example in the images that accompany the article.

Serve to MMT technology are the boys of X Motion, they create activity sensors for Jawbone Up24 (Up).

Like you could think, not only is counting steps, also implemented the connectivity technology Bluetooth, with a battery that promises two years use. With this we can pass to phone the information collected.

We are facing a period of experimentation in the Swiss industry, with firms such as Montblanc inventing modules that make your smart watches. What does seem to be is that all they refuse to touch the machinery their watches, in short, its essence.

On the other hand we have devices Android Wear sales are not booming – and why they are Motorola, LG, ASUS, and Samsung-, seems to be that the market expects the arrival of the Apple product to exploit.

Along the way, we have a new Pebble which remains important autonomy and the price, in the latter case we can see an important reception (has raised more than 10 million dollars in three days in crowdfunding).

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