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See paradisdachat for Azerbaijan public policy.

Azerbaijan Medieval Arts

Historical region of Anterior Asia, today divided between the USSR (Soviet Socialist Rep. Of., With capital Baku) and the Islamic Rep. Of Iran (prov. Of., With capital Tabriz). Geographically between the southeastern slopes of the Caucasus, the southwestern coast of the Caspian Sea, the mountains of Kurdistan and the Armenian plateau, the Azerbaijan it includes… Read More »

Sightseeing in Azerbaijan

Take a group tour through Azerbaijan, a state between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus! Admire the highest mountain, Bazardüzü in the Caucasus, and the largest lake, Sarisu. The state territory also includes the islands of Pirallahi and Cilov in the Caspian Sea. Travel through the most important cities in Azerbaijan such as the capital… Read More »

Azerbaijan Overview

Azerbaijan is located in the southeastern Caucasus, which is geographically located mostly in Asia but with a small strip of land in Europe. Politically, the country is often counted among Europe. The country borders Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Russia and Turkey (the latter via the exclave Nachichevan) and has a coast facing the Caspian Sea. Capital:… Read More »

Azerbaijan Population and Language

The majority of the population in Azerbaijan is called Azeri, Azerbaijanis or Azerbaijan Turks. They are a Turkish-speaking people of mixed origin. The Azeri historical settlement area extends far into northwest Iran, almost all the way to the Iranian capital of Tehran, but the Azeri central city of Iran is the city of Tabriz. There… Read More »