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See paradisdachat for Bhutan public policy.

Bhutan Overview

Bhutan is a kingdom in southern Asia that borders China and India. Bhutan is a distinctly mountainous country in the eastern part of the Himalayas, and thus without any coast. The climate varies from tropical in the far south to temperate inland climate in the center to subarctic in the north. Capital: Thimphu Biggest city:… Read More »

Bhutan Population and Language

Three population groups dominate Bhutan: ngalong, sharchop and lhotshampa. The Tibetan-beaten Ngalong is the most influential politically and culturally, while the civilian status of the Nepalese Lhotshamps is an infected issue. Information on the number of residents of Bhutan has varied greatly. A few years before the entry into the UN in 1971, the country’s… Read More »