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See paradisdachat for Cambodia public policy.

Cambodia Brief Information

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a pearl immersed in bright tropical greenery. This is a state in Southeast Asia, in the south of the Indochina peninsula. It borders Laos to the northeast, Vietnam to the east and southeast, and Thailand to the west and northwest. The resorts of Cambodia – in the south-west of the… Read More »

Cambodia Overview

Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia and borders Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The country’s official name in Khmer is Kampuchea. In the West, the name Kampuchea most often refers to the country under the Khmer Rouge regime 1975-1979. Capital: Phnom Penh Biggest city: Phnom Penh State: monarchy Language: Khmer Religion: buddhism Surface: 181 040 km²… Read More »

Cambodia Population and Language

About nine out of ten Cambodians belong to the Khmer majority. In the country there are three major minority groups: Vietnamese, Chinese and the Muslim people group cham. In addition, the country houses a number of small groups of people who mainly live in the mountains of northeastern Cambodia. They are called with a collective… Read More »