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How to Get to Tbilisi, Georgia

The most popular mode of transport for travelers from Moscow to Tbilisi is by plane. Several airlines regularly operate flights from Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo. The cost of tickets for direct and connecting flights is almost the same, but flights with transfers are much longer in time. Planes land at the International Airport. Shota Rustaveli,… Read More »

Georgia General Information

“When God was dividing the Earth among the peoples, the Georgians were late, having lingered over the traditional feast, and by the time they arrived, the whole world had already been divided. The Lord asked the visitors what they were drinking for, the Georgians answered: “For you, God, for yourself, for the world.” The Almighty… Read More »

Attractions in Georgia

Batumi – a Georgian pearl on the Black Sea For some, Batumi is Georgia’s Las Vegas, for others it is simply a party capital on the Black Sea. The fact is that this place is traded as the pearl of the Caucasus. This city is a good place to live under the southern sun. Especially… Read More »

Georgia Overview

Georgia is a republic in the Caucasus, geographically located mainly in southwest Asia and to a small extent in southeastern Europe. Culturally and politically, it is often considered Europe, for example Georgia is a member of the Council of Europe. The country borders Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey. Capital: Tbilisi Biggest city: Tbilisi State: republic… Read More »

Georgia Population and Language

In addition to the Georgians themselves, some seventy people live in the country, some being very small. Many of the ethnic groups are also found in Georgia’s neighboring countries. According to a census conducted in 2014, 87 percent of the residents count as ethnic Georgians. Just over 6 percent describe themselves as Azeri and 4.5… Read More »