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What to See in Israel

Rosh ha-Nikra– grottoes of amazing beauty, the meeting place of the sea and white rocks. Safed is the city of the upper Galilee, the city of streets running down from the top of the mountain, the city of old synagogues and art galleries, the city of folk music festivals and the Jewish mystical teachings of Kabbalah.… Read More »

Israel General Information

Israel is not just natural reserves, landscapes of amazing beauty, where the charm of deserts borders on the grandeur of snow-capped peaks. Tours to Israel are an opportunity to touch the great spiritual potential that every religious person is looking for, regardless of religion. This is a journey that can reveal the most intimate secrets… Read More »

Israel Overview

Israel is located in the Middle East and is smaller in area than Småland. It is a modern country with a rich history. Three world religions have emerged here, and the country has many places that are sacred in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Capital: Jerusalem Biggest city: Jerusalem State: republic Language: Hebrew, Arabic Religion: Judaism,… Read More »

Israel Population and Language

Israel is a Jewish state and just over three quarters of its residents are Jews. About a fifth are Arabs, mainly descendants of Palestinians, who remained in Israel when Israel was proclaimed in 1948. The dominant languages ​​are Hebrew and Arabic. The term sabra is often used. That means being native to Israel or the… Read More »