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See paradisdachat for Jordan public policy.

Jordan Country Overview

Jordan is a state in the Middle East. The capital is Amman. Shared borders in the north with Syria, in the northeast with Iraq, in the south and east with Saudi Arabia, in the west with Israel and Palestine. A small section of the southern border of the country is washed by the waters of… Read More »

Jordan Overview

Jordan is located in the Middle East and borders Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel. The country also has a coast bordering the Gulf of Aqaba and the Dead Sea. From the 16th century until the First World War, the area was part of the Ottoman Empire. Capital: Amman Biggest city: Amman State: monarchy Language:… Read More »

Jordan Population and Language

Nearly all Jordanians are Arabs. A large part of the indigenous people were Bedouins (nomads), but today most Jordanians are residents. About 60 percent of the population is estimated to be Palestinians. The Palestinians came to Jordan mainly after the war against Israel 1948–1949, when the West Bank was incorporated with Jordan, after the six-day… Read More »