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See paradisdachat for Kazakhstan public policy.

Kazakhstan Country Overview

Kazakhstan is a presidential republic in Central Asia. The area west of the Ural River is part of Eastern Europe. The capital is called Nursultan. Large parts are occupied by lowlands and plains. The hill country of the Kazakh threshold rises in the central part and the glaciated high mountains of Tian Shan and Altai… Read More »

Kazakhstan Overview

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia with a small part in Eastern Europe. It borders Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Russia. Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world. Capital: Astana Biggest city: Almaty State: republic Language: Kazakh, Russian Religion: Islam, Christian Orthodox Surface: 2 717 300 km² Population: 17.7 million (2013) Population density:… Read More »

Kazakhstan Population and Language

Kazakhstan is a sparsely populated country. Large population movements have changed the composition of the population over time. Ethnic diversity is large, but most of the ethnic groups are small. Today, more than two-thirds of the residents are estimated to be ethnic Kazakhs and just under one-fifth are Russians. The population declined steadily during the… Read More »