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See paradisdachat for Malaysia public policy.

Malaysia Attractions

Orangutan sanctuaries As a tourist, there are few opportunities to encounter these majestic animals in the wild, one option being the Danum Valley Conservation Area in northern Borneo. Many great apes live on 400 km² and hikes with overnight stays in lodges are offered. A river cruise on the Kinabatangan River through the Lower Kinabatangan… Read More »

Malaysia Overview

Malaysia is a popular destination in Southeast Asia, attracting tourists with beaches and exotic jungles. The country is divided into two areas, separated by the South China Sea. Western Malaysia is located on the southern Malacca Peninsula between Singapore and Thailand, and Eastern Malaysia is the northern part of the island of Borneo. Capital: Kuala… Read More »

Malaysia Population and Language

About half the population of Malaysia is Muslim Malays, while the country’s Chinese are the largest minority group. Over the years, the contradictions have periodically been strong between the Malay majority and especially the Chinese and Indians. About four-fifths of the population lives in the more urbanized West Malaysia, especially on the west coast. East… Read More »