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Myanmar Geopolitics

Located between the Indian subcontinent and China, until 2010 Myanmar was, together with North Korea, one of the last two Asian states still almost completely closed in on themselves. Today the country presents itself as an interesting case of a totalitarian system which by the will of the military leaders themselves has gradually opened up,… Read More »

Myanmar Arts and Literature

LITERATURE Since its acquisition, the Buddhist canon in pāli (1057 AD) influenced the entire Burmese literature, where compositions with a Buddhist religious background (pyo), celebrations of royal lineages (egyin), illustrations of events of the kingdom (mawgun), themes about the contemplation of the forest (taw-la) and various compositions (yadu). Representative authors include Shin Sīlvamsa (late 15th… Read More »

Myanmar Overview

Myanmar is the name of the country introduced by the incumbent military regime, the opposition still uses the name Burma. The country borders China, Bangladesh, India, Laos and Thailand. Until 2005, Yangon (also transcribed Rangoon) was the country’s capital. The current capital is Naypyidaw. Capital: Naypyidaw Biggest city: Rangoon State: Federal Republic, military rule Language:… Read More »