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See paradisdachat for North Korea public policy.

North Korea Economic Overview

The conquest of Korea by Japan at the beginning of the twentieth century had a profound impact on the country’s economic-productive systems. The traditionally agricultural soul of Korea was not canceled, on the contrary it was supported, to be honest especially in the S, with the extension, for example, of the areas cultivated with rice,… Read More »

World Heritage Sites and Culture in North Korea

The Korean art, as early as the Neolithic Stone (6000-2000 v. Chr.) Grasped by Pottery, received decisive impulses from China, as well as the Korean literature and Korean music. On the other hand, it influenced Japanese art. Barrows with partly well-preserved and detailed wall paintings in the interior date from the time of the North… Read More »

North Korea Overview

North Korea is located in East Asia, encompassing the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. In the south, North Korea borders on South Korea, in the north on China and through a narrow section to Russia. Capital: Pyongyang Biggest city: Pyongyang State: People’s Republic, military rule Language: Korean Religion: buddhism, taoism Surface: 120,540 km² Population:… Read More »

North Korea Population and Language

The population is almost exclusively Koreans, descended from original Mongolian peoples on the peninsula. There is a small Chinese minority. The residents are concentrated in the coastal areas and the plains in the southwest. North Korea is far less populated than South Korea, which has twice the population. COUNTRYAAH.COM: Key populations estimated size and data… Read More »