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See paradisdachat for Singapore public policy.

Singapore Attractions

Sentosa Island The holiday island of Sentosa (Internet: www.sentosa.com.sg ) offers a variety of leisure activities and attractions: The Butterfly Park is home to over 50 different types of butterflies, Fort Siloso has an interactive exhibition reminiscent of the time of World War II and Tiger Sky Tower has a fantastic view of the city.… Read More »

Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore is one of the most attractive destinations in Southeast Asia, and is perhaps one of the funniest countries you will want to visit. The country, and the city of Singapore, is in fact the only state in the world that is independent without even wanting it. Singapore is characterized by its close affiliation with China… Read More »

Singapore Overview

Singapore consists of 63 islands, including the main island, and is the second most densely populated independent country in the world after Monaco. It borders Malaysia to the north and is otherwise surrounded by the Singapore Strait. The country has a sea border with Indonesia.   Capital: Singapore Biggest city: Singapore State: republic Language: English,… Read More »

Singapore Population and Language

Singapore’s population is divided into three major ethnic groups: Chinese, Malays and Indians. The Chinese are the most; three out of four Singaporeans are of Chinese origin. Since independence in 1965, the government has tried to create a national identity, while encouraging a multi-ethnic society. When the British started building a trading station in Singapore… Read More »