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See paradisdachat for South Korea public policy.

Gyeongju (South Korea)

According to Thesciencetutor, Gyeongju is located 360 km southeast of Seoul. Gyeongju was the capital of the Silla state from the 4th to the 10th centuries. The most skillful masters of the state lived here, who created outstanding architectural structures. Today, the city has many ancient monuments, thanks to which Gyeongju was named a World… Read More »

Jeju Volcanic Islands and Lava Tunnels (World Heritage)

The subtropical volcanic island of Jeju is a unique landscape with lava tunnels and distinctive cave systems that document the volcanic processes on earth. The island also includes the Hallasan nature reserve, the highest peak in Korea at 1950 m, with its crater lake and waterfalls. Jeju Volcanic Islands and Lava Tunnels: Facts Official title:… Read More »

Hwaseong Fortress (World Heritage)

Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon was built between 1794 and 1796 within two years. The 6 km long walls with their secret gates and observation towers have been preserved to this day. The complex is considered a remarkable example of Korean military architecture. Hwaseong Fortress: Facts Official title: Hwaseong Fortress Cultural monument: “Flower fortress”, a fortress… Read More »

Changdeokgung Palace (World Heritage)

The palace dates back to the 15th century and is one of five preserved royal palaces from the Joseon Dynasty in Seoul. With its magnificent throne or audience hall, it is considered an outstanding monument of Far Eastern architecture and garden architecture. The adjoining “Secret Garden” with a lake and around 300 trees was originally… Read More »

South Korea Overview

South Korea, actually the Republic of Korea, is located in East Asia and forms the southern part of the Korean Peninsula (south of the 38th parallel). The country borders North Korea in the north. Four-fifths of the country’s surface consists of highlands and mountains. Capital: Seoul Biggest city: Seoul State: republic Language: Korean Religion: Christianity,… Read More »

South Korea Population and Language

South Korea is one of the world’s most urbanized countries and more than half the population lives in million cities. South Korea is also one of the world’s most densely populated countries. But today, forecasts show that within a few years the population will begin to decline in numbers. South Koreans give birth to fewer… Read More »