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See paradisdachat for Taiwan public policy.

Taiwan Economy Overview

ECONOMY: AGRICULTURE, LIVESTOCK AND FISHING Agriculture is still fairly practiced, occupying 5.2% of the active population; largely satisfies internal needs and even manages to export some products, thanks to the high specialization and modernity of the techniques. The base of the local diet is rice, which in irrigated areas produces two crops a year; this… Read More »

Taiwan Overview

Taiwan is a de facto autonomous state that includes the island of Taiwan in the Pacific Ocean and some smaller islands. The official name of the state is the Republic of China, but is commonly called Taiwan. Capital: Taipei Biggest city: Taipei State: republic Language: Mandarin Surface: 35,980 km Population: 23.4 million (2013) Population density:… Read More »

Taiwan Population and Language

Taiwan is very densely populated, but Population growth has basically stopped. Combined with increased life expectancy, this has led to an unusually fast aging population. The decline in childbirth is believed to be due to Taiwanese marrying later and waiting to give birth to children, while the number of divorces has also increased in recent… Read More »