The representatives of Telefónica they announced during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona its agreements with LG, Samsung and Sony Mobile to provide integration of services in the the segment wearable computing devices These signatures.

During this presentation discussed one of the first cases of success with your Go service It is available in the United Kingdom (already with more than 300,000 customers there), but they are also negotiating the development of solutions of this type with several companies related to the world of fashion.
Tu Go service allows services to benefit their local rate phone once out of their country, and integration with Sony smart watches was the first example of this integration being sought by Telefónica. Your Go this year will be a commercial reality in other countries in Latin America and Europe, but that will be one of the possible use cases.

In fact, makers of LG, Samsung and Sony talked about the possibilities that this type of integration is, for example, for the control of services such as MovistarTV through solutions “wearable”.

Telefónica highlighted those negotiations with firms in the world of fashion targeting solutions releases just very focused on strengthening a leg of business that Telefónica does not want to escape. Confirmed it Marieta Rivero, global marketing director of Telefónica, which noted that “Telefonica is very clear that it wants to participate in and lead the development and the integration and compatibility of their services in the wearable”.