Thailand’s Most Popular Beaches

By | May 19, 2021

If you have planned a trip to Thailand, you have something really wonderful to look forward to. Before the trip, however, it can be good if you know a few things.

In Thailand, the currency is Thai Bath. Before departure, it can be a good idea to check in which exchange rate the currency stands to keep track of what things cost. Knowing this beforehand reduces the risk of being scammed. A small rule of thumb that you can have is to divide the amount in Bath by four and you get approximately the cost in Swedish kronor. It can be good to change in before departure so that you have cash when you come down, but also have the credit card with you. Withdrawing money on site in Thailand gives a much better exchange rate than in Sweden. At many banks and exchange offices in Thailand, you can exchange Swedish kronor for Thai Bath.

Another thing to keep in mind before the trip is health. First and foremost, to avoid both stomach ache and diarrhea, do not drink tap water. Buy bottled water instead that is really bottled. It is possible to brush your teeth in tap water, but avoid swallowing it.

Before the trip, you should check what vaccinations you have. The recommendation is to be vaccinated against both hepatitis A and B. Hepatitis A and B are spread in different ways but are a disease that you do not get rid of once you have got it.

Most Popular Beaches

Thailand's most popular beaches

Thailand is a country that is well visited by tourists. Many people long to find the perfect beach. Here are some tips on the places to visit!

When many people hear the word Thailand, they think of long white beaches and crystal blue water. A place where you can take long walks and look out over the horizon, lie in a deck chair with a good book and sip a delicious drink. Maybe you wake up early and do yoga at sunrise, or take a quick run barefoot in the sand. Or try activities such as snorkeling or diving in the sea. Thailand’s beaches are paradise for many. A place where you can travel when the Swedish winter darkness begins to approach and the solar depots need to be refilled.

But what are really the very best beaches in Thailand? Here are some tips on places that are well worth a visit. Stay for a day, a week or maybe a month – once the perfect beach is found, it’s hard to leave.

  • Koh Miang (Similian)

Along the west coast of Thailand is the island of Similian. It is an island that is also a national park. The island and its estates are a popular day trip destination, although many even stay a night or two. And it’s easy to understand why the island is so popular – the beaches are like taken from an advertising brochure. White beaches with sand like powder, crystal blue water, and a bit out to sea it is full of coral.

  • Koh Lao Liang

A little further south along Thailand’s west coast is Koh Lao Liang Beach. Like Koh Miang, Koh Lao Liang is also an island. It can be reached by a short boat ride from Koh Libong, among other places. It is a beautiful place that gets even better because it is remote. Here you can find the most special places that are not full of tourists. There are not even any roads! However, there are plenty of cliffs that are perfect for climbing. That is why many climbing enthusiasts come here to the island, which is also a national park. There are also sea canoes for rent for a trip on the sea. Could it be more perfect?

  • Bang Sak

A perfect place for travelers who like the simple, who travel in a backpacker way. The area is full of locals as well as tourists. It gives a feeling that suits those who want to take it easy, not stress around, and more enjoy Thailand and the country’s culture. Maybe have a coffee at a nice beach cafe? Enjoy days at a fantastic beach. And the food – the fish comes straight from the sea to the plate!

  • Yaikee Cliff Beach

Yaikee Cliff Beach is located near Thailand’s border with Cambodia. Tall coconut trees and white beautiful beach framed by a sea full of corals. A beach to dream about! The jungle is close by, which gives the place a remote feeling – while tourists are close to the amenities that are often desired during one’s holiday time.

Thailand’s beaches are simply a place for sun, swimming, tranquility, meditation, good food – and not least for adventure and zest for life!