The Creator of Swatch Predicts an Age of Ice of Classic Watches Manufacturers

If one of the creators of the mythical Swatch has so clear that in a short time Apple will be selling more clocks that all together Swiss industry, I’m not surprised that you diagnose something such as historical manufacturers ice age because of the Apple Watch.

Elmar Mock, who popularized and how the Swiss watchmaking with the Swatch brand, is convinced that the entry of Apple in the market of watches will be a very serious problem at the level of companies and work in Switzerland. From the European country they went 28 million watches in 2014, and forecasts pointing Mock to Apple are of nearly 30 million of Apple Watch a year in the early years.

We must not underestimate what Apple will give the watch

There is no statement of Mock that is not hopeless for the industry. It places Apple Watch in revolution for the watch industry at the same level that its music store was for the CD or the first iPhone to the then Queen of the market, Nokia.

Also says that a mistake that could be making some classic Swiss brands is not realizing the threat and try to answer coming into the market of the smartwatches. Ranges of innings, not the luxury, would be the most affected. For them, if they do not react, expected loss of jobs in the same way that already took place in the 70s and 80s with the arrival on the market of Asian quartz watches.

But not everyone sees the future of the Swiss industry black. The President of LVMH, Jean-Claude Biver, head of a group that has a TAG Heuer, among other brands believes that they can solve this threat of Apple by providing better benefits to their watches, such as GPS or notifications, and mostly rely on the popularization of the clock that will predictably Apple to help new generations interested in mechanical watches. Two watches on the wrist then?