The limited autonomy of our devices has led us to look for solutions that are perhaps not the most practical, but very attractive and interesting. Power charge either smart watch through our clothes or our smartphone It is not something new, we have already seen projects from Nokia and Tommy Hilfiger, but so far none has achieved sufficient relevance to become an important product.

Today, thanks to a development of the Center for technology and nanoscience at the Central University of Florida are to see garments equipped with technology capable of generating and storing energy in a simple and not very dramatic, energy that we can use to charge our devices.

A filament equipped with solar cell and storage battery

Long time we have already seen a significant increase in development based on solar energy, which still do not end up landing, causing that many projects are left in good ideas. This is mainly because it is a technology that is hard to adapt to portable devices or accessories or size reduced, needed a panel or solar cells, and also a battery that stores energy, which tends to be heavy and large, clear, if we want to store enough energy.

So as a group of scientists have developed with the help of nanotechnology ones copper tapes, which are thin and flexible enough to incorporate into the woven fabric.

But the most important of this development is that tapes integrate solar cells and battery storage, everything in a single strand so it is not necessary to have two separate devices, which opens up the possibility of integrating this technology to all types of clothing without increasing weight or size, come on, really portable solar power generation technology.

But not everything is good news because before you need solve a series of problems, where for example the package that contains the solar cell and the novel still it is not flexible enough, since so far not it can be folded completely, in addition to being clothing the subject of cleaning is present, something that have not been able to solve, but which is currently between the features. Of course, not to mention that without Sun this technology won’t do much good.

Nevertheless, its creators are sure that this technology could revolutionize the manner in which we charge our gadgets, What will continue experiencing in the quest to solve any kind of problem, since the objective is that our clothes can be an efficient way generate energy by the Sun.




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