The unisex models they have become the latest trend in terms of watches. Maxi spheres round and flat, with a variety of straps, interchangeable in many occasions, and that male touch It is so interesting.
Many firms opted for this fashion. Designs that you can wear with casual, casual or sophisticated outfits. Models that combine with all kinds of looks.

Elephant & Castle

Elephant & Castle It has launched a new collection of winter with the most daring air. Unisex designs with spheres in size maxi silver, gold and black, with new bets with belts of animal print. The firm has more than 90 combinations. Also highlights Watch Silver stainless steel mesh. Their prices range between the 70.00 to 90.00 euros, and independent belts between 15.00 and 20.00 euros.

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington It is the firm chosen by many it girls like Sara Carbonero and numerous bloggers. Triumphs with its classic designs and clearly male style. Straps in black, brown tones and XXL-eye or skin version petit are part of his collection, from Swiss. The result is pure elegance.

There are your usual nylon webbing with colors more winter as the sailor or Garnet. Its minimalist and traditional air is its hallmark and the secret of its success. Timeless creations are perfect to wear on any occasion. Its price is located between the 119-179 euros.


It began with the design of glasses and then ventured with the creation of watches. Mr.Boho, characteristic for his mustache and English hat, bet on minimalist steel models, with areas of metallic details and printed different straps with Prince of Wales, tweed, tartan logo… Its approximate price is of 70.00 EUR.


With the same style to previous signatures, Balber He has designed collections based on the fashion of the 1950s and who came with more strength in the 80s, especially in the United States and England. Hence, different trends have been developed: preppy, british or Sloanies. Very finite spheres and also variety of belts so choose the one that best goes with your style. Its approximate price is of 135 euro.

Marc Jacobs

Leather is cool. It is the premise of Marc Jacobs for his new collection of watches of belts of leather and fine field. Very sophisticated and feminine parts without losing the masculine touch. There are also hollow for watches of steel belts, more flashy and more heavy sphere, which by the way, reminds me of a model that my father had. The vintage is in fashion, and here we have several examples.

Emporio Armani

Very sophisticated are the parts of Emporio Armani. Webbing of skin in copper tones and nude models of steel with large areas but of medium thickness. Perfect to show off more accessories without watches, already that draw so much attention, that all eyes will go direct to your wrist. That it is…

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