The Launch of The Apple Watch Makes The Pebble Sales Time Is Doubled

On Monday we are witnessing a major Apple event in which among other things we many more details Apple Watch, smart clock company. And Interestingly this release has had a spectacular side effect… in a rival.

And you had nothing more and nothing less than the time Pebble, the new smart watches of Pebble which arose a few days ago and which have already become the all-time most successful Kickstarter project. Anyone would think that presentation at Big Apple Watch subtract interest to the Time Pebble, but just the opposite has happened.

Pebble Time funding campaign had calmed down after the enormous momentum of those first few days, but the launch of the Apple Watch made the pace of investments to grow significantly: the Sunday before the event from Apple were receiving about $6,000 per hour in the project. The day of the event that amount rose to $10,000, and March 10, a day later, the pace increased even more and reached the $16,000 per hour.

Eric Migicovsky, CEO and founder of Pebble, indicating that “as the most important company in the world enters your market, that’s the kind of validation [your idea] that you could only dream”. Pebble officials probably hoped increased the expectation for this type of device, but what has happened with this campaign of funding seems to demonstrate that the Pebble project has more and more recognition and popularity.