A smartwatch Android Wear 2.0 small and stylish (but discreet) that It adapts to the pace of every day and it has some very interesting details.

So the LG Watch Style, the response from Google and LG in smart watches. And the Rose Gold version is also so nice.

As we counted our colleagues from Engadget, the LG Watch Style is a smartwatch of soft lines and simple design, for all those looking for a discrete complement to help them in their day day, that responds quickly and effectively.

Its small size makes it a good choice for people who have very thin dolls (just 10.8 mm thick), as weighs relatively little.

Aluminium polished 316L (the back is plastic), the touch is pleasant and just note that you wear it. The wheel, located at the right side of the clock, is the easier way to navigate between the different menus.

In addition, the LG Watch Style is resistant to water and dust, has a 240 mAh battery and has a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels-299 ppp. From answering emails, find an address on a map, listen to your favorite songs or count the steps you take, the LG Watch Style is much more than a complement to your day to day, it is an intelligent device, discreet and simple, that I will soon become a must for those who cannot live without being connected.

Photos | LG

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